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Memories Wine was established as a tribute to my late mother, Lori. In her memory, I aimed to create something that would serve as a fitting means to celebrate her life. Alongside her passion for travel, Lori cherished dancing and creating enduring memories with loved ones, all things often complemented by a bottle of wine. From a young age, she instilled in me the belief that life is too short to remain stagnant, and that the world was meant to be explored, and that we all forge our own legacies in the process. The next time you wish to commemorate any type of celebration, or simply wish to reconnect with loved ones, join me in honoring Lori by sharing a glass in her name.


For over a decade, our owner and creator, Jordan-Rose Decker has dedicated herself to the hospitality industry, gaining extraordinary expertise along the way. As she received her sommelier certification, she has had the opportunity to explore some of the world's most stunning countries, indulging in the most exquisite wines they have to offer. Inspired by her profound experiences with food and wine, Jordan-Rose is eager to guide others in elevating their dining experiences through the art of wine pairing. Memories Wine, her heartfelt endeavor, serves as a tribute to her mother's legacy and an invitation to join her on this remarkable journey.

Owner & Founder

Jordan-Rose Decker

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